Why Krishna always wore a peacock feather on his head? This is an unknown story of Lord Krishna, 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu and a peacock from his pre-life.
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Unknown Story of Lord Krishna in Debt of a Peacock

Krishna has always been my favourite since I was a child. No doubt he was popular for his charm. Till date, he is tricking people around the world to fall for him all over and over again. Just look at me and being from a Baniya family it is normal to fall for Krishna. While growing up, I have heard the most unknown story of Lord Krishna.

I have spent most of my summer vacations in Haridwar at my grandmother’s house. The vibe out there has always been amazing and have led me to the lesser-known facts of Lord Krishna.

What you will read below isn’t what I have read in a book. But it is all that I have heard years back from a great scholar. He preached Vishnu the preserver and protector of the universe. This unknown story of Lord Krishna is so fascinating and interesting that it is hard to forget. So, are you ready to know?

Unknown Story of Lord Krishna and a Peacock Feather Embracing his Forehead

Many of you have wondered why Krishna always wore a peacock feather on his head. There are different stories about it. The one which I will tell, you will hear for the first time.

Krishna the Hindu deity is considered as the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Do you know who was the seventh one?

He was the noble Ramchandra of Ramayana. Due to Manthara’s evil council to Kaikeyi, Ram was exiled to the forest for 14 years. Tears welled in Ayodhya that day and devotion for Ram made Sita his wife and Laxmana his dear brother accompany him.

Part One: Where Sita Gets Annoyed

During the exile in the deep forests of Panchavati, Ram and Sita never got much time to spend alone. They were always guarded by Laxmana. To the fact, Sita did get annoyed. One day during a pleasant evening when the sun was melting in the sky, Sita proposed to Ram that they should go for a walk. Listening to this, Laxmana was all ready with his bow and arrow to escort his brother and sister in law.

Now you can definitely predict what will happen next.

Sita looked at Ram giving him a stern look. Before she could say anything, Ram read her eyes. All they said out loud, “Are you asking him to stay here? Or should I leave on my own?” Ram smiled in his mind and asked Laxmana to stay back.

Birds were singing their romance as they walked hand in hand. Everything was going perfect as Sita wanted. They laughed and talked all the way deep into the forest. To witness their love, a peacock appeared in their way. It had large bright feathers forming a beautiful fan-like shaped backdrop for its body as it danced out of joy. Sita was dumbstruck by the magnificent peacock and Ram knew how to please her more. Knowing how much she wanted that peacock, Ram goes near it and get her one of its feathers. Sita was overjoyed with happiness and hugged Rama.

The sky was becoming dark and it was time to return home. They looked around to find a way back to their cottage. But everything looked so similar that they couldn’t judge in which direction to go.

Part Two: No Way To Home

Sita cowered in terror and fell down on her knees. Everything went dark and she didn’t know what to believe. Ram was patient as always. He didn’t make any assumptions too soon. To lighten the moment, he teased his wife and asked, “Sita from now, will you ever stop Laxmana to guard us?”. She cried out loud realizing what she has done. But Ram assured her that they will return home without any doubt.

While all this went on, Peacock didn’t care. It danced with the same joy making Sita forget about her fear. It went on tapping his feet to the ground. So, his other feather falls in the hands of deity Ram. Without any delay, Ram gave it to Sita and says how much he love her for being around.

They together followed the rhythm of it and continued to pick the feathers walking all way long. Suddenly, it screamed with high spirits and shredded its last feather on the earth. As Ram bend down to take the feather, he saw Laxmana sitting outside their little mud house.

Epilogue: Vishnu in Debt

Seeing this Ram drowned in the ocean of gratitude. He embraced the peacock and said, “Dear friend, today you have filled me with pleasure. To lead us home you neither cared about your beauty nor your body. You let your only pride down. In our whole journey together, you served us with utmost satisfaction. I will always be in your debt.”

This is how Lord Vishnu in his next avatar known as Krishna always carried a feather of his friend on his forehead.

So have you heard it before? Do you know any unknown story of Lord Krishna? Do let us know below in the comment section.


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